What you get

Get all the training and tools you need to coach various age groups and abilities

  • DMS Kids Movement Coach Certification (Worth £150)

  • DMS Speed Coach Certification (Worth £150)

  • DMS Training System (worth £150)

  • Progressive Training Session Manuals

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Course Overview

Get certified to train and coach using the Dynamic Movement Skills™ training methodology.  Obtain Certification as both a DMS Kids Movement Coach and a DMS Speed Coach

Attendees will learn how to work with individuals or groups of various ages and abilities.  First, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the background, research, coaching methodology and practical applications of Dynamic Movement Skills™. 

On day one, the fundamental movements universal to all 3 training concepts (Kids, Speed & Rehab) will be covered. Then, attendees will turn their focus to the specialty of Kids Movement - learning how to carry out practical sessions and coaching lessons. 

On day two, attendees will learn extensive and progressive training movements for athletes who want to develop Speed over 5m - 10M, quickness and explosiveness.

This is a very practical-based course with lots of physical participation so that applicants can fully understand the physical effects and benefits of this training system.

** To learn rehabilitation methods using DMS, this is covered on the Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation course. 

Course Objectives

  • Understand the research behind DMS
  • Understand the theory of movement re-education, development of gross motor skills & training the nervous system
  • Understand how to improve movement in children
  • Gain an understanding of dominant & non-dominant development
  • Understand the theory and practical application of plyometrics
  • Demonstrate and coach DMS Kids Module Movements
  • Observe, correct and test movement inefficiencies!
  • Lead a coaching session for both individuals and groups
  • Learn to coach kids’ movement
  • Learn to coach DMS speed for athletes.
  • Learn to develop gross motor skills, co-ordination, agility, quick feet & dynamic balance in children

Course Agenda

Day One – Introduction & Kids Movement Module

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • About DMS
    1. The Science & Research behind the Methodology
    2. How does it Work?
    3. The Modules: Kids Movement, Speed, Rehabilitation 
  • Kids Movement - Theory 
    1. Kids are not mini-Adults.
    2. Science & Research
    3. Movement Issues & Movement Dysfunction in Kids
    4. What to coach?
    5. How to coach?
  • Kids Movement - Coaching Practical
    1. The Foundation Movements
    2. Testing Kids Movement
    3. Coaching Kids of Different Age Groups 
    4. Coaching Kids with Movement Dysfunction
    5. Strategies for Coaching in Groups
    6. Cognitive Movements


Day Two - Speed Modules

  • Speed – Theory
    1. The Science & Research behind the Methodology
    2. How to Develop Multi-Directional Speed
    3. Working with different Age groups: 8-12 Years, 13-15 years, Performance Athletes
    4. What to coach?
    5. How to coach?
  • Speed - Coaching Practical
    1. The Foundation Movements
    2. Testing for Speed
    3. Speed Progression Level 1
    4. Speed Progression Level 2
    5. Speed Progression Level 3
  • Coaching Review
  • Coaching Certification Practical
  • Q&A

What is DMS?

Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) training methodology that stimulates the nervous system and the proprioceptive system and helps to refine and develop neuromuscular efficiency and motor patterns.

It is designed to improve movement quality, agility, balance, coordination, and overall athletic performance.

The DMS training methodology involves a series of exercises that are progressive and challenging, designed to improve the body's neuromuscular efficiency. The exercises are structured in a way that simulates the demands of various sports and physical activities, making them effective for athletes of all levels.

The DMS training methodology is effective for improving athletic performance and reducing the risk of injury. It is also beneficial for individuals looking to improve their overall movement quality and fitness level.

How does it help with kids movement?

It is particularly beneficial for children as it helps develop their fundamental movement skills, which are essential for their overall physical development. By practicing the exercises involved in DMS training, kids can improve their balance, coordination, agility, and overall movement quality.

Overall, DMS training is an effective way to improve kids' movement quality, physical development, and overall health. By engaging in this type of training, kids can develop a love for physical activity that will stay with them throughout their lives.

It is also used extensively with children with dyspraxia. movement dysfunction, hypermobility, autism, and SEN (Special Educational Needs).

How does it help with speed?

'Effective speed' is the ability to regulate acceleration and deceleration and the ability to produce maximum speed of movement. This means that the body will move most effectively and efficiently within the range of speed that the nervous system has been programmed to allow. So, the priority must be to improve the firing sequence of the motor unit.

The DMS methodology trains the nervous system and the proprioceptive system to fire more quickly and more efficiently.

DMS Speed provides extensive and progressive training sessions in a detailed coaching manual for athletes who want to develop Speed over 5m - 10M, quickness, and explosiveness. It can be incorporated into the overall training plan to develop movement patterns, explosiveness & quick feet in the first three steps and 5-10 metres. This methodology will work for individual training and within an academy set-up and 1st team athletes.

The methodology is used extensively in sporting academies - football, tennis, basketball, and handball, and in many primary and secondary schools.