Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation

Come and join us for a 2-hour online CPD webinar featuring Mike Antoniades, where we will provide you with an exclusive look at some of the successful rehabilitation techniques employed at our centres.

 During this insightful case-study webinar, we will explore two rehabilitation journeys: one involving a client who suffered a spinal injury, and another featuring a client with an ACL injury.

 For each case study, you will have the opportunity to delve into the interventions utilised to improve efficiency and reduce injury. Additionally, you will be able to witness the progress made by each client through video and anecdotal evidence.

 Finally, take advantage of the Q&A session with Mike Antoniades to ask any questions you may have. Don't miss out on this unique and informative event!

Who is it for?

This 2-hour webinar is for health professionals who prescribe rehabilitation:

  • after injury/surgery
  • for neuromuscular issues (i.e. stroke survivors, CP, spinal injury)
  • for movement dysfunction in adults
  • for movement dysfunction in children
  • for falls prevention

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