Functional Biomechanics of Running

2-Day CPD Course

"A lot of information! Also mind -blowing. I love it and looking forward for more information" 

- Jean Oriental (Personal Trainer)

"Absolutely fantastic! Loved the variation in both practical and theory work with lots of examples"

 - R.T Sports Therapist

"An excellent mixture of theoretical and practical information coupled with anecdotal cases and good open discussions. Proven and detailed methodology presented in a friendly and relaxed manner"

- S.T. (Doctor)

Fantastic course – my favourite to date…lovely presenter with a clear passion for his job

-J.K. (Physiotherapist)

"Great course I liked the blend of Theory and Practical and Mike answered all our questions patiently and thoroughly"

- Martin (Physical Therapist, Holland)

"Really, really enjoyed it! I found the concept so interesting and the material covered very exciting to learn about. Can’t wait to practice and try using the method with some of my patients"

A.H Physiotherapist

"Fantastic Course. I would like to do further courses as this just feels like the start of a fantastic educational journey"–

- Patrick (Personal Trainer)

"Fun and informative. A good amount of theory but plenty of practical usable skills to take away."

- N.S (Strength & Conditioning Coach)

Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation

2-Day CPD Course

“Amazing. Love it! This has made me understand the importance of walking and the techniques to give my clients.”

– (Sports Massage Therapist)

“As ever, professionally lead by Mike, no time wasted or “fluff”. All relevant and more importantly useable info”

- S.W. (Physiotherapist)

“Excellent course, really well taught and lots of practical to reinforce. Excited to practice and then implement”

– (Physiotherapist)

“Very informative, educational and practical course. That can actually be utilised in practice immediately”

- K.P (Osteopath)

“It was extremely interesting, well evidenced and helpful. The case studies were very useful, the balance of theory and practical is excellent and inspiring”

- H.C (Teacher)  

“Movement correction is the way ahead. Mike is knowledgeable and easy to listen to”

– (Physiotherapist)

“Very informative, very inspiring”

– (Physiotherapist)

“Really interesting. I feel like I could do the course again and still learn”

– (Personal Trainer)

 “Delivery was easy to understand, relevant to my practice with much explanation and research to back up theories”

- (Sports Therapist)

“It’s directly transferrable to clinic and my own wellbeing”

- (Sports Therapist)

“I loved this course. It was so interesting and I learnt loads that I can use in my clinic. I found Mike so interesting and he really explained everything in detail…I now want to do the running course!”

– (Sports Therapist)

“Excellently structured course with both theory and practical, always engaging and happy to answer any questions”


 “Rarely do I go on a course that was interesting and stimulating until the end – well d/one!”

- (Osteopath)

Dynamic Movement Skills

Coaching Certification

“Fascinating, full of knowledge, lots of examples of how it benefits a variety of people and children. Excellently explained, great passion and great to have it delivered by Mike himself.”

– (Dance Tutor)

“I attended the course direct from working a night shift. The passion and presentation skills of Mike kept me absolutely hooked throughout. Well done to everyone, brilliant course”

– (Police Constable)

“very informative, lots of practical and very helpful. I could listen all day!” 

– (P.E Teacher)

“Excellent. Well organised, structured and paced. With enough time on practical activities”

-  I.M (Triathlon Coach)

Certified Running Technique Specialist

6-Month Certification Programme

"This course has changed everything for me. It has given me an understanding of the human body and how we move…lots of successes…one example would be a young guy who had just terrible movement and medial knee pain and previously I would have done my normal physio and the pain would have gone but it would have come back. Now, no pain and running, moving, walking, bending, doing everything better"

- Michael (Physiotherapist, Austria)