Program Description

This pioneering training program will provide you with the training and authorization to practice as a Certified Running Technique Specialist and become part of The Running School coaching community. This training is designed to enhance your professional knowledge and coaching expertise and add to your existing job, business, or skill set. 

You will learn the in-demand skill of analyzing running biomechanics and, more importantly, the unique training methods to improve running technique, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of injury. Knowing the techniques behind coaching movement is one thing.   Being able to improve a runner's technique and apply this coaching knowledge is another. By taking part in this program, you will become an expert at both.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome & Instructions

    2. Manual

    3. Appendix & Resources

    4. About The Running School

    1. Movement Methodology

    1. Introduction to Running Mechanics

    2. Poor Movement Patterns & Injuries

    3. Examples of Movement Patterns Before & After Running Re-Education

    1. Biomechanical Analysis

    2. How to do a Biomechanical Analysis

    3. Biomechanical Analysis Example - Treadmill

    4. Biomechanical Analysis Example - Outdoors

    5. Technology for a Biomechanical Analysis

    6. Biomechanical Analysis Webinar Replay 1

    7. Biomechanical Analysis Webinar Replay 2

    8. Homework

    1. What is the Functional Movement Analysis?

    2. Functional Movement Analysis Example

    3. Functional Movement Analysis - The Movements

    4. Homework

    1. Walking Theory

    2. Homework

    3. Walking Analysis & Re-Education Demos

    4. Walking Analysis & Re-Education Example 2

    5. Walking Re-Education - Corrective Exercises

About this course

  • 35 lessons

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