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Course Overview

This course is for health, fitness and sports professionals who work with musculoskeletal disorders occurring from running and multi-directional sport.

Learn how to take your clients from injury or post-surgery to back-to-play using a unique, progressive and functional approach. This course is based on the movement methodology of The Movement & Running School, developed by Mike Antoniades.

It will look at the most common injuries in running and will identify the contributing factors to these injuries . The focus will be on learning rehabilitation methods and protocols for these injuries and learning how to re-educate movement patterns without pain. Emphasis will be placed on learning the rehabilitation methods and exercises in a practical setting .

Course Objectives

  • Improve your injury assessment and rehabilitation plan
  • Understand what’s causing your patients pain or injury 
  • Understand why 60%to 70% of runners get injured because of training errors
  • Understand the protocols for each injury
  • Clear exercise rehabilitation protocols for the most common injuries

Rehabilitation Protocols

The following 'return to running and sport' protocols will be covered:

1.  Runner's knee, PFP, tendinopathy

2.  Shin splints

3.  Achilles tendinopathy, calf pain

4.  Muscle Strain – Hamstring, calf, quad

5.  Ankle sprain

6.  Plantar fasciitis

7.  IT (iliotibial) band syndrome.

8.  Gluteal tendinopathy

9.  Severs

10. Osgood Schlatter’s

What you get

Get all the training tools you need rehabilitate athletes of various injuries

  • CPD Completion Certificate

  • Course Handbook with Presentations & Research

  • Exercise Protocol Handbook